How the EQ test works

The basic methodology

The basic idea of the test is to put you in everyday situations and assess how you would react. It's important to note that by the end of the test, not all the questions will be taken into account. If you answer then questions one particular way and one question in a different way then the we tend to look at the general trend rather than single outliers.

Please note that this page reveals the questions within the EQ test so it's best that you take the test first. After completing the test you may want to read this to see how we look at some of the questions.

eq test method Visual EQ Testing is coming soon

1. You see people arguing. You are likely to..

The answers here are 'try to calm things down', 'listen, but do nothing', 'support who you think is right'.

2. Someone tells you that you look 'tired'. You might..

The answers here are 'think that's just rude', 'say, do I ?', 'probably agree'.

3. Have you ever taken a job you wished you hadn't ?

The answers here are simply 'yes' or 'no'.

4. Your work/school colleague steals your idea.

The answers here are 'you live and learn', 'you feel angry', 'you confront them'.

5. Do you have 'killer' dating/work clothing outfit ?

The answers here are 'yes', 'not really', 'no'.

6. When talking to your friends, do you

The answers here are 'mostly listen', 'mostly talk'.

7. Can you switch off from work/school ?

The answers here are 'yes' and 'no'.

8. You spill your drink. Your first reaction is to..

The answers here are 'get angry', 'get a cloth'.

9. You earn..

The answers here are 'enough', 'enough, right now', 'not enough'.

10. You go to your favourite restaurant. You are more likely to order..

The answers here are 'the same as usual', 'something from the regular menu', 'something from the specials menu'.

11. Assume you like black coffee. Your best friend adds milk. You..

The answers here are 'say, 'sorry, I take it black', 'say nothing'.

12. Generally,

The answers here are 'you contact your friends', 'they contact you'.

13. Do you usually know what to get others for Christmas ?

The answers here are 'yes' and 'no'.

14. Does it matter if you like your work colleagues ?

The answers here are 'yes', 'sometimes' , 'no'.

15. Have you ever been on a second date you wished you hadn't ?

The answers here are 'all the time !', 'once or twice' , 'never'.

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